Nice to see the Teabagger king exposed as a moron.

In chambers, Rand Paul demonstrated just what a dumb fuck he is, by making the claim that by de-funding the OAA the government would save money.  Just like every other moron Teabagger, he fails to see more than thirty seconds into the future.

The OAA, for those who aren’t familiar, is the program that tries to ensure that seniors get fed properly.  A person who is well-fed doesn’t suffer malnutrition, and the attendant diseases that accompany it.  Such a person doesn’t end up in an emergency room except as a result of a genuine accident.

Remember those emergency room discussions a few years back, how a dose of prevention can cost as little as 0.01% of the cost of an emergency room visit?  That’s what we’re talking about here.

These facts are backed up by solid actuarial statistics.

However, in Rand Paul Land, it’s “I’ve got mine, go fuck yourself.”

And happily, Bernie Sanders and Al Franken basically put little Paul’s bullshit where it belongs.

At this stage of the game, Teabaggers are just looking more and more like traitors to me.  If they’re so sick of American values, maybe it’s time they spent a little money on a plane ticket and left.  I even know a perfect place they could go, where there’s no taxation and no government to interfere with their little drug-induced worlds.



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