Yet another reason…

…why Teabaggers in general should just be prohibited from participating in any form of government:

They are dishonest fools.

Fools – because they buy into the whole creationism line of bullshit.  As if it wasn’t among the stupidest forms of theology around (which is kinda like saying “the most shitty-smelling pig in the sty”), it doesn’t belong in public schools.

Dishonest – because after getting elected on grounds of “fiscal conservatism” they go off and destroy the country’s economy, while simultaneously trying to get government money – our money – spent on their own personal religion.  Hey, teabaggers:  how’s it feel to be a lying sack of bullshit?  Constitutionalists?  Huh?  Remember that old First Amendment thing?

This is just one instance of an ongoing theme with the teabaggers – one that continues to get repeated, but rarely discussed in the media.  They claim a shroud of virtue, but underneath it’s the same unwashed hypocrisy and criminality that went on before under the name “Republican.”  The ‘Tea Party’ is the worst of everything we called Republican, trying to frame itself as a legitimate political party.

No.  Not going to happen.  The Tea Party deserves no legitimacy, and to claim it does is to willfully ignore that at its heart, it is a corrupt, criminal, terrorist-sponsoring organization.

I mean, we knew they were traitors from the get-go, seeing as their goal is to destroy the United States government.  We knew they were dumb as a bag of hammers from the first signs we saw at their rallies.  We knew they were dangerous, walking around with loaded weapons during those same rallies.  We know now that they are murderers, given that they’ve attempted numerous terrorist attacks since 2008, including the attempted assassination of a member of Congress.

So, someone tell me this – why aren’t we arresting the Tea Party members en masse, freezing their funds, and shutting down this terrorist organization?

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5 Responses to Yet another reason…

  1. Lida Dodge says:

    You know about Darwinism, Tom. They will do it to themselves, but meanwhile we have to find a way to resist or withstand them.

  2. Socialist douchebags suck.. says:

    Shut the fuck up you ignorant socialist cunt. It’s easy for you to sit there in your socialist shitheap and armchair quarterback. You sound more and more like the have-not bullshitviks who destroyed Russia.

    Kill yourself. Soon.

  3. ttheobald says:

    Spelling’s a little too good for the average teabagger, so you must be one of the IQ-85’ers!

    First off, you wouldn’t know socialism if it rose up and bit you in the ass, dipshit. Second off, perhaps thou shouldst tend the mote in thine own eye before calling ‘ignorant’ around. I don’t see any solutions rolling off your own fat ass, so from where I sit it would appear the only one sitting around and armchair quarterba…oh, wait, in order to quarterback you have to be able to present ideas of your own – and from what I can see here, that’s going to be a long time waiting.

    Third off, perhaps you think you’re part of the “haves”? Is that it? Or are you sitting in some squalid little McMunchkin pre-fab in Tacoma, praying that the base will stay open in spite of the cuts your fuckwit representatives just saddled you with?

    Got news for you, jack – they aren’t on your side. Never have been. But then, you probably like getting screwed over, because it’s your Tea Party doing it – and nothing gets a teabagger more excited than getting screwed by Michelle Bachman! Whoo, rock on, numpty ).

    Meanwhile, I’ve got better advice for you: don’t kill yourself. That’d be a waste. Try getting an education and following the money in our system. You might, while you’re at it, actually learn a thing or two about reading, which would enable you to discern that nowhere in here was a socialist agenda offered up – and you’ll be happy to know that this is on a per-capita basis less socialized than the USA.

    But unfortunately, you’ll probably still remain a teabagger, in which case my recommendation still stands: arrest and incarceration. Face it, pal, you’re a traitor. You hate what America stands for, and your behavior demonstrates that with every word. That, in my book, makes you an enemy of the state, and as such you should be treated as one. Plus, it would make it a lot easier if you turned yourself in.

    I’m sure the Pierce County sheriff would be happy to give you a room in the grey-bar hotel.

  4. Socialist douchebags suck.. says:

    This coming from a balding twat who expatriated to Prauge.

    Did it strain you to do a reverse IP looking to guess I’m from Tacoma? You’re wrong, btw. Not even in that part of the US, idiot.

    YOU don’t deserve to call yourself a citizen.. in fact.. you’re not. You’re some stupid fuck who armchair shits all over the US, while actually having nothing of your own to show for it.

  5. ttheobald says:

    Hey, look – it came back ).

    So, do you have something substantive to add to the conversation, or is your existence merely to serve as a demonstration to others of what it means to be living a mistake?

    Just so you know, I approved your first two comments here in spite of being blatantly against the rules, because I thought you might want to take a shot at adding something to the conversation – who knows? Maybe you’ll prove me wrong, that the teabaggers aren’t a bunch of traitors who need a .45-caliber lobotomy. So far, seems not so much…in fact, you sure look to be making my case for me.

    Soooo…you’ve had your freebies, fuckwit. You’ll be returned to screaming at your LCD and left in the spam bucket with the boner pill posts unless you’ve got something factual or substantive to add in.

    It’s kind of a shame, really – your sentence structure seems to put you above the mean for your crowd. Ain’t saying much, but hey, it’s something.

    And nice try to dodge the point – no, didn’t take any effort at all, seeing as I wrote some of code for geolocators a long while back and know who’s got the good versions. Doesn’t take much to pull together a Comcast subscriber. If you like I can probably even get you the MAC address of your modem and with that find the purchase records and tell you when it’s due for service, too, but that might get you worried about Big Brudder and all that. You are a teabagger, after all, and paranoia runs deep in those veins. What’ll really steam you is if it’s coming from a work address and your IT guys get a notice about it. But let’s not go there, shall we?

    You’re welcome to post again. I might check the bucket, I might not. At this point, you seem to be doing nothing more than crapping on your keybaord, so there’s not a lot of incentive here to do anything more than flush the toilet on you, but hey, if you really put together a worthwhile argument, it might make it.

    Up to you.

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