Drinkers of citrus beverages (aka Mountain Dew, etc.), be careful with your quantities. A key ingredient, called Brominated Vegetable Oil, has been shown to have some potentially serious consequences. It’s used in those drinks to keep the citrus flavor in suspension – without it, all the flavoring would float to the surface.

It’s original and patented use? As a flame retardant.

Of course, the horror stories about it revolve around people who consume MASSIVE quantities of it, so one bottle isn’t going to Fukushima your body or anything. But still, most of the folks I know who drink that stuff don’t stop at just one, and often drink the same quantity out of habit for years. And this stuff doesn’t cycle out of your body that fast – it builds up, and ends up in all sorts of unhappy places, like breast milk.

There are no really recent studies, and few applicable to humans, so again I point out that this is only a note of caution, not alarm. But the examples that one can point to include gamers who sit for twelve hours straight, putting away a 20-oz bottle every hour, are not out of the realm of likelihood. That’s about seven liters in a 12-hour period. And gamers are nothing if not repetitive, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that sort of session got repeated a lot.

And drinking almost anything seven liters a day for extended periods, I would think, would cause the drinker to eventually poop out his own liver.

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