Fox News: if you’re a woman in the military, you can just expect to get sexually assaulted.


Apparently, it’s the responsibility of “extreme feminism” for a $113 million expenditure that the military has in place for sexual counseling for female members of the armed forces.  As if that were a bad thing.

Oh wait, “Their job is to defend us, not defend the people fighting the war.”  Ahhh, so that’s their logic.

Liz Trotter, the commentator for Fox here, actually belts out “What did they expect?” halfway through this.  What did they expect?  Oh, let me see, how about professional behavior from their fellow serving members of the force?  How about not getting raped by their commanding officers or fellow soldiers?

I guess it’s beyond the pale in Fox-land to expect that.

At least the anchor has enough smarts to recognize there’s a moral core to this.

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