Graf Spee Update

Quick update on the Graf Spee build – after many days of working on the photo etch rails and the general building got things to a point I was ready to finish the model.  Have to say that this trumpeter kit was amazing.  Most of my experience was from 25+ years ago and the quality of the kit is outstanding compared to the old Matchbox days!  I added some standard photo etch KM rails and rather than having a set made it much less pressure on “needing” to complete them so I have only done a few on this model.  A few rails later and I have a good idea how to stick them best and enjoying it on my next model the Prinz Eugen.


Here are a selection of pics – IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0746 IMG_0747 IMG_0748

The last pic is with the base hull of the Prinz Eugen and amazed how much bigger it is!  So small – no wonder they ran from a the 3 British cruisers as it cant be much bigger than our lights were….   until I get the white ensign British cruisers at 1/700 wont be sure:)

Next posts will be all Prinz Eugen in 1940/1941 “Baltic camo” – roughly like this!


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