Once more unto the breach…

I’m currently still sorting out the MP3 and display options for the controller that will handle everything in the Enterprise (gave up on my hack, got an MP3 chip, will detail in a future update), and wanted to cover something a little different this time around.

I’m digging back into Delphi!  (Btw – there’s a “Starter” edition available if you want to play around with it or learn it.)

Those of you who know me personally know I spent a good long time as a software dev and eventually as the product manager of the tools that I was really, really good at – Borland Delphi.  Well, after moving to Europe I was spending a lot of time managing teams that were doing largely Visual Studio and PHP stuff, and there wasn’t a lot of room for Delphi in my schedule there.  I’d fallen out of touch with it.  A lot of cool things happened in the interim, which has been almost ten years now.

Cool things like iOS and Android deployment, loads of IDE changes and improvements, AWS integrations, JSON adapters, all kinds of refactoring stuff, etc.

So I think I’ll be playing about with Delphi for a while – and I’ll approach it as “new” as I can and I’ll post updates for some of the cool stuff I do here.  So…keep an eye out, and I’ll fill you in when I do some neat stuff.  (Already thinking of ways I can tie my phone into my PC…)

Off we go!

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