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Wrestling with Jira

I recently upgraded the home network here, and pulled a load of stuff back in from my AWS cloud. Not because I thought AWS was bad or anything, I just needed to satisfy some geekdom here in the house, and … Continue reading

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Top 10 Horror Movies

Well, at least my top 10 :). I got asked to do one of those challenges on FB, and wrote up my top ten with a few notes on them, and I figure it’d be better to put them all … Continue reading

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The Perfect (Digital) Storm

We’re in trouble. All of us. Deep trouble.  Black, white, men, women, all political parties, all factions, we’re all in this. What kind of trouble? Life-threatening computer trouble.  Hold on there, you say.  My PC isn’t waving a knife around.  … Continue reading

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You are at war.  Yes, you. Every last one of you. I have said this many times – Trump and his allies are traitors to the United States.  They despise everything it stands for.  This last week has demonstrated that … Continue reading

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A little DnD 5e idea I’ve been playing around with

Here’s a combo for you, which you who’ve been playing 5e probably already know, but might just have been overlooked: Feats:Polearm Master Sentinel plus War Caster Obviously the first two everyone knows are broken already, particularly when in combo. Adding … Continue reading

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The Worst Enemy We Have Ever Faced As a Nation

It isn’t COVID-19. It is a political party turned rancid. How many times does Trump have to do this sort of thing before people realize he is an enemy of the United States? Whether at the behest of a foreign … Continue reading

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It’s about time we got something made clear here…

Okay, here’s the scoop. Stop pretending “so-and-so is a Russian asset” and all that, as if individuals were lone wolves in this. They weren’t. Here’s how it went: Russia has owned Trump since the 90s. He’s been laundering money through … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Senator Richard Burr of NC, 18.10.2019

This letter was submitted through Burr’s own website a short while ago. I invite you all to write similar letters to your Republican Senators, and to share this liberally among your friends and acquaintences: Okay, you buffoon. I warned you … Continue reading

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GreenStrawberry EVA Pods for the 1/144 scale Discovery XD-1

Not long ago, I put together a version of the USS Discovery from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and during that build I included a set of resin-case EVA Pods from GreenStrawberry. The base kit was the Moebius 1:144 scale (comes … Continue reading

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Okay, I had to write this. No, seriously, I had to write it. It’s an assignment for my B2 Deutsch class. So, highlights in Deutsch: Es gab eine Periode der Geschichte, die Karbonperiode genannt wurde. Es war vor etwa 360-300 … Continue reading

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