The USS Enterprise (Refit) from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Build Log:  Part 3 Okay, been working a bit on the arboretum and the shuttle bay walls, mostly just attaching photo-etch pieces, so I’ll do a bit of info on how to make those work a little better. Handling Photo-Etch If you haven’t read my frustrations with PE parts in my E25 build log, maybe […]

The USS Enterprise (Refit) from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Build Log:  Part 2 I’m beginning, as mentioned before, with the shuttle bay and arboretum, and this is a short tack-on from part 1, detailing a little bit about some of the tools and accessories I’ll use here. First off – two primary accessories for the kit are going to be photo-etch kits from Paragrafix, […]

The USS Enterprise (Refit) from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Build Log:  Part 1 Well, here we go!  I bought this kit some six or seven years ago when I moved to England, thinking I’d be living alone and have time and space to put it together, but in the end I realized I couldn’t do it justice.  So it’s been sitting in my various […]

Multipliers Don’t Create

Well, that’s a rather general topic, isn’t it?  Okay, let’s get specific:  in the last twenty years, computers and software, roughly labeled “technology,” have become absolutely ubiquitous and necessary in first-world business.  And yet, human expectations of them have been rather wildly unrealistic, generally being let down in spite of the successes they bring. These […]

E25 – entered in the Modellbau-Koenig contest for July!

I’ve taken one of the photos from my E25 finished set and entered it into a contest with the local model shop…they have a page on FB for it, which collects votes in its favor by “likes” – I’d be grateful if you would encourage everyone you know to pitch a vote my way! This […]

E-25 Build Log – Part 5 (final)

Well, unfortunately I lost all the pics of the finished photo-etch, and that kinda put me off of tracking the remainder, so my apologies for those who were wanting to follow that section – sorry :(. However!  I finished it today, base and all, and figured I’d throw in some pics of that: Here’s the […]

E25 Tank Destroyer Build Log – Part 3

Photo-etch parts Although the Trumpeter kit does come with some photo-etch parts for grilles and fenders, there are a couple of extra 3rd-party PE kits to go with it that add an even more dramatic level of detail. For this kit, I’m using the Voyager Model PE kit, although I won’t be using everything from […]

E25 Tank Destroyer Build Log – Part 2

Back again – sorry for the delay in posting, but our living room lamp blew out and I haven’t had an evening with sufficient light to do any work. Tonight I’m going to be talking a bit about the suspension, some pre-painting on the wheels, and more about the roof options. The Suspension On the […]