Leadership of IT/Software Teams in a Regulatory Environment

Part 3 – now let’s introduce regulation First part of this, is let’s define “regulation” in context.  Specifically, I’m referring to ISO 13485, EU medical devices (GMP, or “Good Manufacturing Practice”), and FDA medical device standards. Let’s also be clear, these aren’t just “guidelines” (insert Barbarossa quote here), they’re law. As law, what is their […]

Let’s Talk Briefly about Deep Learning

You’ve heard the name over and over, and for most of you it probably settles into the same category as Harry Potter’s “levitation charm” as far as whether you need to understand it.  That’s cool, most people will never need to know this stuff, in the same fashion as you don’t need to know the […]

Leadership of IT/Software Teams in a Regulatory Environment

Part 2 – How Does This Apply to IT? All right, so we’ve laid out what it means to be a leader – but how does this apply to IT? At this stage we have to look at what it means to work in an IT environment – and there are some wildly different attitudes […]

RAID-5 and the Sky Is Falling

The Situation I’ve seen, over the last few weeks, more than a few posts on a popular IT hangout site proclaiming in loud, evangelical voice that “RAID-5 is terrible for spinning disks, never use it!  If you do, you’re a stupidhead!” and similar statements. I’m here to tell you that’s not an appropriate answer.  In […]

Key Performance Indicators in IT – part 1

I was asked recently by a company as part of their first-round hiring process a question very similar to this: How would you establish measurement of the departments under you in such a way that you would have an indication that they are operating well?  What would these things mean?  How would you go about […]