The Perfect (Digital) Storm

We’re in trouble. All of us. Deep trouble.  Black, white, men, women, all political parties, all factions, we’re all in this. What kind of trouble? Life-threatening computer trouble.  Hold on there, you say.  My PC isn’t waving a knife around.  What’s got me so crazy?  It’s a confluence of things, really.  Back in 1991, hurricane […]

Last time we heard language like this…

…the discussion about it violated Godwin’s law. But you know what?  This isn’t an analogy.  This is a direct comparison. Let’s look at a quote here: “If you can think of [these people], think of them as termites eating away at the foundations of your home each and every day.  See, that’s what they do […]

No more pink ribbons for me

My money for cancer research (admittedly not a large share of my income) is going somewhere other than Komen. The Susan G. Komen charity is the one that is responsible for all the tiny little pink ribbons and the various “walk for the cure,” “race for the cure,” “alligator-wrestle for the cure” etc. events.  They […]

Wow. Republicans and Foreign Policy.

What a bunch of cartoon characters.  Seriously. To sit around and listen to Michelle Bachmann bloviate about how nations we have “liberated” should compensate us must have drained every Republican on the planet of any extra neurons they had left.  I mean, holy fucking Christ on a hooker, is there anyone who is really that […]

If it wasn’t decided in your mind already, it should be now.

That is, that it is time the Republican party to go extinct. And kudos to at least a few of the milquetoast Dems for finally calling a spade a spade and taking the fight to them.  Anthony Weiner – prior to demonstrating his sexual frustration in view of the public – was chasing down Clarence […]

Time for a major overhaul of the SC Justices

As of today, the Conservative branch of the US Supreme Court has declared war against the common citizen of the United States.  It’s been common knowledge that the right-leaning branch of the court was weighed down with ideology over actual law, but today the second shot of the double-tap was fired. Where the Citizens United […]