A little DnD 5e idea I’ve been playing around with

Here’s a combo for you, which you who’ve been playing 5e probably already know, but might just have been overlooked: Feats:Polearm Master Sentinel plus War Caster Obviously the first two everyone knows are broken already, particularly when in combo. Adding the third, however, to a HEXBLADE WARLOCK, (or Padlock if you have a few levels […]

The reason you haven’t seen an Enterprise update recently…

Well, there’s fifteen reasons, actually – here they are:                               We have an event coming up in Prague in which I’ll be competing, and I needed to get these painted up for it.  It’s pretty remarkable how much effort it takes […]

Game Review: The Witcher 2 – Assassins of Kings

Review: “The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings” Gameplay (entirely subjective – how much fun did I have?  Would I play this again?): waiting Visuals (graphics quality, atmosphere, realism):  9.0 Audio (includes sountrack, effects, etc.): 9.0 Storyline (writing, pure and simple):  waiting Delivery (packaging, contents, what you get): 10 Technical (Did it install?  Did I […]