The Perfect (Digital) Storm

We’re in trouble. All of us. Deep trouble.  Black, white, men, women, all political parties, all factions, we’re all in this. What kind of trouble? Life-threatening computer trouble.  Hold on there, you say.  My PC isn’t waving a knife around.  What’s got me so crazy?  It’s a confluence of things, really.  Back in 1991, hurricane […]

Let’s Talk Briefly about Deep Learning

You’ve heard the name over and over, and for most of you it probably settles into the same category as Harry Potter’s “levitation charm” as far as whether you need to understand it.  That’s cool, most people will never need to know this stuff, in the same fashion as you don’t need to know the […]

A lengthy reaction to a Libertarian statement

A lengthy reaction to a friend’s post regarding Libertarian writings regarding how a “mixed economy” results in a “slide towards fascism” – seems worth sharing more broadly: Edit:  this is the article to which I am referring (taken from “The Foundation for Economic Education,” which is a Libertarian think-tank, so if that kind of site […]

Multipliers Don’t Create

Well, that’s a rather general topic, isn’t it?  Okay, let’s get specific:  in the last twenty years, computers and software, roughly labeled “technology,” have become absolutely ubiquitous and necessary in first-world business.  And yet, human expectations of them have been rather wildly unrealistic, generally being let down in spite of the successes they bring. These […]

Fox News: if you’re a woman in the military, you can just expect to get sexually assaulted.

Wow. Apparently, it’s the responsibility of “extreme feminism” for a $113 million expenditure that the military has in place for sexual counseling for female members of the armed forces.  As if that were a bad thing. Oh wait, “Their job is to defend us, not defend the people fighting the war.”  Ahhh, so that’s their […]

Last time we heard language like this…

…the discussion about it violated Godwin’s law. But you know what?  This isn’t an analogy.  This is a direct comparison. Let’s look at a quote here: “If you can think of [these people], think of them as termites eating away at the foundations of your home each and every day.  See, that’s what they do […]

No more pink ribbons for me

My money for cancer research (admittedly not a large share of my income) is going somewhere other than Komen. The Susan G. Komen charity is the one that is responsible for all the tiny little pink ribbons and the various “walk for the cure,” “race for the cure,” “alligator-wrestle for the cure” etc. events.  They […]