Movie Review: “The Amazing Spider Man 2”

Okay, so I saw this a while ago (bought the DVD when it was released): Visuals:  5 Audio:  5 Plot:  2 Characters:  2 Action:  3 Overall:  3 (slightly better than a shit sandwich)   Well, I won’t hold back – this was a shit film.  Not quite as bad as Highlander 2, but bad.  I […]

Movie Review: Prometheus

I’ve been putting this off (which seems to be becoming a bit of a theme for me), but here’s the review: Visuals:  9 Audio:  7.5 Plot:  2 Characters:  4 Action:  8 Science (only applies to sci-fi films, not counted in overall): 2 Overall:  5.5-6 Synopsis:  Much better than Resurrection, and if you prepare yourself for […]

Review: “A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906”

Quality of Information: 10 Delivery: 8 This book was written a few years ago, and I purchased it while living in the UK for use as a pass-time during the winter. I have to start out by saying that Simon Winchester is a superb historian – as well as a great journalist.  He studies a […]

Review: Logitech diNovoEdge Keyboard

Usability: 8 Features: 8 Appearance: 9 Overall: 8 Well, after a thoroughly disappointing time with the Logitech Gaming Keyboard, I replaced it last week with the diNovoEdge.  I’d read some reviews of it and it seemed to be getting positive responses, so after some consideration I decided to give Logitech a chance to redeem itself.  […]

Game Review: The Witcher 2 – Assassins of Kings

Review: “The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings” Gameplay (entirely subjective – how much fun did I have?  Would I play this again?): waiting Visuals (graphics quality, atmosphere, realism):  9.0 Audio (includes sountrack, effects, etc.): 9.0 Storyline (writing, pure and simple):  waiting Delivery (packaging, contents, what you get): 10 Technical (Did it install?  Did I […]