The Perfect (Digital) Storm

We’re in trouble. All of us. Deep trouble.  Black, white, men, women, all political parties, all factions, we’re all in this. What kind of trouble? Life-threatening computer trouble.  Hold on there, you say.  My PC isn’t waving a knife around.  What’s got me so crazy?  It’s a confluence of things, really.  Back in 1991, hurricane […]

Leadership of IT/Software Teams in a Regulatory Environment

Part 3 – now let’s introduce regulation First part of this, is let’s define “regulation” in context.  Specifically, I’m referring to ISO 13485, EU medical devices (GMP, or “Good Manufacturing Practice”), and FDA medical device standards. Let’s also be clear, these aren’t just “guidelines” (insert Barbarossa quote here), they’re law. As law, what is their […]

Let’s Talk Briefly about Deep Learning

You’ve heard the name over and over, and for most of you it probably settles into the same category as Harry Potter’s “levitation charm” as far as whether you need to understand it.  That’s cool, most people will never need to know this stuff, in the same fashion as you don’t need to know the […]

Leadership of IT/Software Teams in a Regulatory Environment

Leadership of IT/Software Teams in a Regulatory Environment Thomas Theobald Part 1 – What Exactly Is “Leadership”? leadership /ˈliːdəʃɪp/ noun “the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this.” Not exactly helpful, are they?  Wikipedia is slightly better: “is a formal or informal contextually rooted and goal-influencing […]

Delphi Does Data

Delphi Hi everyone! Last time we talked Delphi, we talked a bit about frameworks and we built your first Delphi app, a “Hello World” for Windows.  This time around, we’re going to talk about one of the most common uses for programming tools in business environments – data access. Let’s get down to brass tacks […]

A Delphi Primer with RAD Studio 10.2

Hey hey, everyone! Today is a day off for a public holiday – couldn’t tell you which one off the top of my head – in Germany.  They do a few of these in May and June, and this time around one of them fell on this Thursday.  I’ll be back in the office tomorrow, […]