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A little teaser…

This is a little extra teaser to add to Build Log – Part 15.  Remember how I mentioned I didn’t have any controls to tell the board to do the things I’m programming into it? Now I do.   (evil … Continue reading

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GeoIP is NOT acceptable

Hi all. Forgive the incendiary headline.  I do consider GeoIP to have its legitimate uses, but please, bear with me and read on. While my primary PC updates itself to Windows 10, I feel the need to express something that … Continue reading

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Multipliers Don’t Create

Well, that’s a rather general topic, isn’t it?  Okay, let’s get specific:  in the last twenty years, computers and software, roughly labeled “technology,” have become absolutely ubiquitous and necessary in first-world business.  And yet, human expectations of them have been … Continue reading

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Terms I’ve coined…

I just finished reading a blog post over at Coding Horror regarding that author’s top-30 favorite new terms, and I was sad to see that none of mine made it in, so here’s the first three I can remember: “Borked”, … Continue reading

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How to make a UEFI-capable USB Windows 7 Install

Recently I bought a PC without an OS in order to get a copy of Windows 7 on it (because there’s no way in hell I’m going to let Windows 8 into my abode).  That PC was hyped to the … Continue reading

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