The USS Enterprise (Refit) from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Build Log:  Part 15 This update is going to be about some of the electronics that I’m designing and working with to control special effects on the model – the lighting of the torp launcher and the sounds that go along with the lighting effects. First off, let’s spell out my requirements – there are […]

The USS Enterprise (Refit) from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Build Log:  Part 14 This is a mini-post to host a video showing how to assemble and solder various LED types for use in the Secondary Hull (LED tape, normal LEDs, SMDs, some soldering tips).  Watch at your own risk, and bring some coffee :). Some points to note: When soldering, treat your pen/iron like […]

Z-Plan Update

Been a busy summer but managed to get enough time in to do some more modelling on my Prinz Eugen. Still learning on the old photo etch and the best ways to work this stuff but getting there for most parts. At 1/700 scale its crazy hard to bend some of the pieces of photo […]

AMT’s “Cadet Series” – Star Trek: The Motion Picture Set – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2, where I’ll cover the decaling and painting of the AMT Cadet Series of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  For those of you just tuning in, take a few moments and have a look at what I put up on the kit itself and its assembly, because there’s a lot of good […]

The Z Plan

FLEET BUILD LOG 1 I have recently joined Theo here to post about all things gaming and modeling.  my main focus will be on the modeling side for now though.  So I thought I would put up my first post with an intro to a series of projects that I have kicked off to build […]