AMT’s “Cadet Series” – Star Trek: The Motion Picture Set – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2, where I’ll cover the decaling and painting of the AMT Cadet Series of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  For those of you just tuning in, take a few moments and have a look at what I put up on the kit itself and its assembly, because there’s a lot of good […]

Kit Review: AMT’s “Cadet Series” – Star Trek: The Motion Picture Set

Hello everyone!  This entry is a first for me – a sponsored kit review on behalf of a hobby vendor.  I’m doing periodic reviews for the company, and they’ve sent me this kit for review and build.  A copy of this review will also appear on their site.  I’m adding this note here in […]

E25 Tank Destroyer Build Log – Part 4

Well, happy circumstances never cease!  I was cleaning off our ultra-portable and happened to find a folder copy of my E25 tank destroyer before it was painted, showing all the PE parts applied – it is a little late to give a full build-log entry to that, but I’ll include the photos I found here […]

E-25 Build Log – Part 5 (final)

Well, unfortunately I lost all the pics of the finished photo-etch, and that kinda put me off of tracking the remainder, so my apologies for those who were wanting to follow that section – sorry :(. However!  I finished it today, base and all, and figured I’d throw in some pics of that: Here’s the […]

E25 Tank Destroyer Build Log – Part 3

Photo-etch parts Although the Trumpeter kit does come with some photo-etch parts for grilles and fenders, there are a couple of extra 3rd-party PE kits to go with it that add an even more dramatic level of detail. For this kit, I’m using the Voyager Model PE kit, although I won’t be using everything from […]

E25 Tank Destroyer Build Log – Part 2

Back again – sorry for the delay in posting, but our living room lamp blew out and I haven’t had an evening with sufficient light to do any work. Tonight I’m going to be talking a bit about the suspension, some pre-painting on the wheels, and more about the roof options. The Suspension On the […]

New Build Log: the Trumpeter E25 Tank Destroyer

Hi all – Quick post today – last night I started the build on the E25 Tank Destroyer, as produced by Trumpeter.  I’ll post a quick update later tonight, but last night I did up the suspension units and some small lower-hull details.  I’ll take a photo and post that later too. Meanwhile, here’s the […]

Build Log: Italeri “World of Tanks” Tiger 1 Model – Final

Here’s Helga, all done up!  I still intend to go back some time and add some basing, but I haven’t figured out what kind of terrain to site her in.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pics (large versions are available by clicking on these). Update:  here are the links for the remainder of the […]

Build Log: Italeri “World of Tanks” Tiger 1 Model – cont’d

Part 9 Approaching “done” status on the model itself – for the time being I’m going to leave the base very plain, but I’ll probably revisit it at some point to add some terrain and give the weathering on the tank a little more character relative to that basing. Now, I’ve glued the gun into […]

Build Log: Italeri “World of Tanks” Tiger 1 Model – cont’d

Part 6 Not a lot of action today, though it might look like it – I applied the “dots” of the ambush camo pattern today, and that’s likely to be it for the day.  I used middlestone and chocolate brown for the dots on the various bits.  Tomorrow I’ll apply some gunmetal to the machineguns […]