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If anything could make me give up my steaks…

…it’d be ass cancer. Nobel laureate Harald zur Hausen suspects that there may be a virus we haven’t discovered yet that causes cancer, in beef. Dr. zur Hausen, in case you hadn’t known previously, is the fellow who won his … Continue reading

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Time for a major overhaul of the SC Justices

As of today, the Conservative branch of the US Supreme Court has declared war against the common citizen of the United States.  It’s been common knowledge that the right-leaning branch of the court was weighed down with ideology over actual … Continue reading

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And in news of the “Cool” variety…

It appears that Saturn’s moon Enceladus has a liquid water ocean. This was an unexpected surprise for me – I was under the impression our only shot at seeing life outside of Earth was going to be on Europa.  But … Continue reading

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Nice to see the Teabagger king exposed as a moron.

In chambers, Rand Paul demonstrated just what a dumb fuck he is, by making the claim that by de-funding the OAA the government would save money.  Just like every other moron Teabagger, he fails to see more than thirty seconds … Continue reading

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Expose the Koch Scam

Watch the video below.  Senator Bernie Sanders is finally taking the fight to the octupus and the funding behind the right-wing talk machine. The Koch brothers want your money – they want to STEAL it.  The entire “privatize” argument is … Continue reading

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If you really are curious…

…about evolution, and you’re not just saying you are so you don’t appear to be some kind of flub-brained creationist, Darryl Cunningham has put together a great comic strip detailing a very general view of the principles behind evolution. I … Continue reading

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Try this on for size.  Mr. Stewart at top form.   The Daily Show – Fox News False StatementsTags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

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You probably didn’t realize this…

…but Rupert Murdoch’s paper in the UK, News of the World, was responsible for one of the biggest cases of phone-hacking there’s ever been outside of NSA wiretapping. From the appearance of the case (which is now ten years old), … Continue reading

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Well, that’s one way to do it

Apparently, a gentleman in North Carolina who was laid off from Coca-Cola three years ago became so desperate for health care that he robbed a convenience store in order to be incarcerated, where he would receive medical attention. This should … Continue reading

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Utterly shocking and bad.

This just makes me look at the state of science education in the USA and cry.  I don’t usually expect a lot of neurons to be shared among the contestants of a beauty pageant, but to hear the total bullshit … Continue reading

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