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Okay, I’ve had just about enough of the retards.

Mississippi seems crammed full of them, and mostly in the Republican legislature.  Surprise, surprise.  Allow me to introduce you to “Initiative Measure 26”, which, in short, proposes to classify any fertilized egg (whether cloned, in-vitro’d, or just plain sexed up) … Continue reading

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Sorry to be all doom-and-gloom…

…but I follow the study of microbes and viruses as an interest I’ve had for years.  They’re cool.  They’re the smallest things in the world you can still call “alive” and they often times make their living by hunting us.  … Continue reading

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Wow. Republicans and Foreign Policy.

What a bunch of cartoon characters.  Seriously. To sit around and listen to Michelle Bachmann bloviate about how nations we have “liberated” should compensate us must have drained every Republican on the planet of any extra neurons they had left.  … Continue reading

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I’m sooooo glad I didn’t see this…

…back when Predator 2 first came out.  As a film, it was a lot of fun and a nice add-on to the Predator franchise.  But this might have pulled something away from it.  As it is, today, I can laugh … Continue reading

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So, in the 21st Century, when technology and science are here to stay…

…the Republican Party considers Rick Perry to be one of their top minds to run the country? Here’s what the Republican Party is about, folks – like it or not, they are anti-science.  As anti as they come.  As an … Continue reading

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Back From Paradise

…and even though the weather’s crappy, Prague is a good place to be ). Meanwhile, I’m hitched now – Misa and I tied the knot while we were in Hawaii.  Feels weird, but in a good way.  We had a … Continue reading

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