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10 Things Christians and Atheists Could (but mostly don’t) Agree On

A friend linked to this article from entitled “10 Things Christians and Atheists Can (and Must) Agree On” on her FB page the other day, and after reading through it I felt the need to respond. Summary:  No, we don’t … Continue reading

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RP and Birth Control

I never explicitly posted about it, but I have mentioned it several times on FaceBook, the actual agenda behind the pro-life argument. It doesn’t stop with abortion.  That’s just a red-meat issue to get people to jump in line and … Continue reading

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Last time we heard language like this…

…the discussion about it violated Godwin’s law. But you know what?  This isn’t an analogy.  This is a direct comparison. Let’s look at a quote here: “If you can think of [these people], think of them as termites eating away … Continue reading

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Passing into Legend…

Today, Christopher Hitchens died. Pneumonia was the culprit, though cancer laid the groundwork and set him up for his final fall.  Most famous for his vehement anti-religious stance (something that arose to prominence after the last two decades, much like … Continue reading

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Jesus in a Cracker!!

How to even begin to describe such silliness? Oh noes!  Members of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church are heartbroken!  Tears in their eyes!  They found Jesus stuffed in hymnals in the pews!! I’m sorry, but heartbroken and with tears … Continue reading

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I think it’s worth mentioning here…

…that two of the three remaining GOP presidential hopefuls are Dominionists. As in Christian Dominion believers.  Now just in case you don’t know what this is, allow me a moment to give you a little background. The Christian Dominion movement … Continue reading

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If you really are curious…

…about evolution, and you’re not just saying you are so you don’t appear to be some kind of flub-brained creationist, Darryl Cunningham has put together a great comic strip detailing a very general view of the principles behind evolution. I … Continue reading

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Hmm…something is fishy in downtown Rome…

The title is rhetorical, I suspect a great many people feel the same way.  Walk with me down a little logic path here. I hope it is a well-known fact that when people are taught to value one thing over … Continue reading

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