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Problems in Retail

I was asked recently (during an interview) what my view of the retail world was – as an open-ended question and not focused on the aspects of how to use technology to provide a solution, I stumbled over it.  It … Continue reading

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Drinkers of citrus beverages (aka Mountain Dew, etc.), be careful with your quantities. A key ingredient, called Brominated Vegetable Oil, has been shown to have some potentially serious consequences. It’s used in those drinks to keep the citrus flavor in … Continue reading

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The Color of Language

A really cool study was done recently, looking into the impact of linguistic definitions of color and how they affect our brains during the development of color vision. In summary, when we are born, we don’t have color vision – … Continue reading

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Interesting comparison between Climate denials and Evolution denials

Article can be found here. It was particularly interesting to me to see that a few other people have begun to see the similarities between the tactics of climate-change deniers and the creationist evolution-deniers.  Their tactics are pretty simple:  can’t … Continue reading

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Good summary of top-predator ecology and some thoughts on its implications

Although I live in the business world now, my education was in biology – and I find the concepts of ecology and genetics surprisingly applicable to the world of business.  Both on the broad perspective of companies as consumers and … Continue reading

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