Interesting comparison between Climate denials and Evolution denials

Article can be found here.

It was particularly interesting to me to see that a few other people have begun to see the similarities between the tactics of climate-change deniers and the creationist evolution-deniers.  Their tactics are pretty simple:  can’t win on facts, so switch to public relations and legal action.

That is generally the time to recognize which side has lost – when one goes trumpeting about, screaming their heads off on Fox News…which, coincidentally, puts them in the camp focused on lying to the public for their own gain…hmm…could be a connection there?  Hmm?

Point of note:  when you see someone trying to drum up a story along the lines of “it’s a conspiracy so scientists will rake in riches!”  Think again.  Few scientists enrich themselves off research.  They make a reasonable living, that’s about it.  Some make really cool discoveries and then go start companies that produce products based on those discoveries.  But the big clue:  scientists get paid regardless of the outcomes of their research.  And often, if they stumble onto something that overturns a majority-held opinion, there’s a Nobel prize with a substantial cash award waiting for them.

And I guaran-freaking-tee you that anyone who overturned anthropomorphic climate change, or evolution, would have a few of those lined up on their mantle.  If there was a “there” there, you’d see papers in the thousands churning out.

But…there aren’t.  Surprisingly enough, because there’s no there there.

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