An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Are you people that stupid?


I used to think “No, they can’t be that dumb. They have to see this.” But apparently it has escaped notice.

I genuinely would not have thought so, but I guess someone has to spell this out for you. 

You MUST stop treating the Republicans as a political opponent.  They are no longer “another party.”  They are an avowed enemy of the United States of America, a genuine domestic enemy.  And you are failing to protect us from them.  While they wage an un-declared war against the people of the USA, you amble on merrily forward, pretending that your big old “Infrastructure Bill” is going to matter after Jan 20 2024. 

While you screw around, they are establishing with State legislatures the option to ignore election results and install their own people in office.  That is a DICTATORSHIP.  It is not the United States.  They are extinguishing the USA and you are sitting by, idle. 

Republican governors are establishing their own “state civilian military” forces, and you sit idle, thinking that the Justice Department will fix things.  Do you have any idea what those forces are for?  You haven’t thought about it much, have you?  You think it’s some kind of idle fantasy of theirs, don’t you? 

Let me spell out the situation for you, using a hypothetical situation that is likely to unfold next year. 

November 2022:  The House of Representatives becomes majority Republican due to gerrymandered districts.  A new Speaker of the House is appointed, likely to be a Trumpist such as Jim Jordan, or worse.

December 2022:  A MAGA militia member cultist assassinates President Biden and VP Harris.  Trumpist is 3rd in line of succession and is sworn in as 47th President.

December 2022:  Protests nationwide against the MAGA takeover occur.  Republican States with “civilian military” gun down protesters indiscriminately.  Locally, any allegations or charges of murder are dismissed using the Rittenhouse trial as precedent/justification.

Throughout 2023:  Republican State legislatures “reform” elections to be submissions of an electoral slate that they approve, ignoring any outcomes suggested by voters. The Federal Legislature is either completely stonewalled, or is in Republican hands. If the latter, the Filibuster is dismissed and Republican legislative agenda – which enshrines their one-party rule forever – is passed, signed by the “President”, and rubber-stamped by the “Supreme Court”.

2024:  gerrymandering re-captures the Senate for the Republicans if they don’t already have it, and a combination of gerrymandering and vote dismissal further entrenches the House in the hands of the Republican Party.  The Presidential election results are dismissed by State legislators, and Republican slates of electors are the default state of being for the United States.

At this stage of the play, legislation becomes driven wholly by Trumpist Republicans.  Elections are no longer of any consequence, and “democracy” as we know it in the USA is dead.  With gerrymandering the norm to claim legitimacy, Trumpists and sleaze-bag Evangelical Theocrats start amending the Constitution with rubber-stamp State Legislatures. The USA as we know it is dead.

This sort of fascist takeover has already happened in several countries worldwide.  It must be seen for what it is:  an attack on the USA, aided by an organized foe within our borders waging an un-declared war against us, funded by internal dark money and extranational money.

We’ve seen just how insane and violent these Trumpists are – they cannot be allowed to lay hands on the levers of power within our country again.  If you have any inkling of history at all, you know where this leads.

The strongest military force in the world cannot be taking orders from these lunatics.  QAnon followers with access to nukes?  Delusional fanatics with nuclear weapons? By 2030 we’d be in a nuke fight with China.

And you want us to be excited about your goddamned infrastructure bill? 

If you care in the slightest about the future of the world, you had best take this seriously.  They already tried a coup in 2020.  They are refining their process and taking steps to guarantee its success in the coming months and years. 

And if you stand idle, it’ll be you they end up sending to the gulag.  Assuming they don’t just publicly execute you on camera, on the front steps of the Capitol building.

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2 Responses to An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

  1. Former Reader says:

    Well, actually it’s the Democrats that are hell-bent on destroying our country. You should wake up.

    • Ahhhh-HAHAHHAAHHA! That’s pretty rich, coming from some fucker who obviously missed out on the *Republican Insurrection* attempting to overthrow the Democratic election of President Biden.

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