Delphi is 27!

We’re coming up on the 27th anniversary of the release of Delphi, a programming system that pretty much defined a big chunk of my career. It’s always been a great “secret weapon” in building fantastic software, and I’m proud to say I helped steer it for a few years back in the early 00s.

This year, we lost one of the core members of our team from back then, Danny Thorpe. Generations always come and go, but this one hit kinda close to home. We weren’t best friends, you know, just reasonably good ones. And this year, the anniversary makes me think back to the members of our team who aren’t around any longer.

There’s a lot of reasons to love working with Delphi. I guess I just didn’t realize there were a lot of ways in which the building blocks within it and behind it carry the echoes of all those old friends. But there they are.

I’m going to go back this weekend and reinstall my old copy from back then just so I can do the ‘team’ hotkey and raise a glass to our old friends, those who are both here and those who are gone.

Happy anniversary, everyone ).

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