Wow. Republicans and Foreign Policy.

What a bunch of cartoon characters.  Seriously.

To sit around and listen to Michelle Bachmann bloviate about how nations we have “liberated” should compensate us must have drained every Republican on the planet of any extra neurons they had left.  I mean, holy fucking Christ on a hooker, is there anyone who is really that fucking dumb in Congress?

I would expect that level of ignorance from a high school drop-out in Branson, Missouri.  But this is supposed to be one of the best people Minnesota can offer us.  Hey, Minnesota?  I know you can do better.  Get rid of the brain-sucking alien and elect a real person, please.

Allow me to point out a little factoid here.  Let’s use Iraq and Afghanistan as examples, since they’re obviously what she’s alluding to.

In both cases, we “liberated” them from regimes that we, ourselves, installed and backed.  WE put Saddam Hussein in the cat-bird’s seat by funding and supplying him with weapons in order to fight the decade-long Iran-Iraq war.  WE funded Al Qaeda and the Taliban at their inception against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.  That was US.  That we later had a falling out and bombed the fuck out of both of them was simply the inevitable conclusion to a long and painful lesson in nation-building.  To claim that the citizenry of those countries somehow “owes us” for getting rid of the regimes in question is a lot like your plumber coming over to your house uninvited, reversing the flow on your toilets, then coming back a month later after your house is full of liquid shit, turning the flow off, and handing you a bill for the service.

And even if we hadn’t forced those regimes on them, to present the idea that we should demand in some piratical fashion that all this grandstanding about bringing freedom to them “don’t come for free” is so amorally mercenary as to leave one speechless.  Furthermore, it is a fantasy bordering on certifiably insane to think that we could bomb the living fuck out of everyone in either country – including hundreds of thousands of civilians (and in the case of Iraq, the entire city of Fallujah, using banned white-phosphorous rounds, a war crime on top of a war crime) – and then to turn around and expect them to be grateful to us for it?

Someone send these dumbass candidates off to the Soylent Green factory.  It’s quite obvious that they are incapable of any level of foreign policy beyond “Pull My Finger.”

I’ll give one kudo out here, though – and surprisingly, it’s to Ron Paul.  At least he was able to remind everyone that Ronald Reagan was a back-door negotiator with terrorists (and a treasonous one at that – as he began negotiations on his own, prior to his election to Federal office, in order to degrade his opponent’s standing with the American people prior to the election).  He also pointed out that not one of the people currently held in Guantanimo Bay has ever been convicted of a crime.

And some of those people have been there for over ten years.  Anyone who was snapped up in there as a late-teens kid on the streets of Khabul is now a late-20s prisoner.  A DECADE of their lives have been spent there, against our Constitutional law, against the will of our people, and with your endorsement.

That’s your legacy, Republicans.  How anyone can call themselves a moral person and still consider themselves a Republican is quite literally beyond my capacity to understand.  It displays a severe case of cognitive dissonance, worthy of a textbook study.  These amoral, evil fools are the best among them.

Stew on that.


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