Jesus in a Cracker!!

How to even begin to describe such silliness?

Oh noes!  Members of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church are heartbroken!  Tears in their eyes!  They found Jesus stuffed in hymnals in the pews!!

I’m sorry, but heartbroken and with tears in their eyes?  It’s bread, you idiots, bread.  Just because some pedophile said magic words over it doesn’t change it from being bread.  It’s not the body of some two-thousand-year-old Jewish zombie, it’s BREAD.  Seek mental help.  From someone who doesn’t believe in hokum.

Is the church doing enough to emphasize the sacredness of the host?  No sir-ee, it’s doing too much.  These people don’t need another reason to feel sad and heartbroken in this world, and a mass-murdering bunch of child rapists are doing enough evil in the world without giving some old women complexes over a pack of stale crackers.

Never mind the disgusting factor of people thinking that it’s okay to participate in ritual cannibalism.

What these folks need to be heartbroken over is that their money goes into the pockets of an organization that is responsible for the deaths of millions of people every single year, because of its dogmatic taboo about condom use, and its representatives lying to people about condom’s effectiveness in preventing HIV.  Because every dollar dropped in those plates makes that individual dropping it personally responsible for the actions of the church.

But the crackers?  Perspective, people.  Get some fresh, because the current variety ain’t working.


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