No more pink ribbons for me

My money for cancer research (admittedly not a large share of my income) is going somewhere other than Komen.

The Susan G. Komen charity is the one that is responsible for all the tiny little pink ribbons and the various “walk for the cure,” “race for the cure,” “alligator-wrestle for the cure” etc. events.  They started to take a dive when they jumped in with KFC a long while back (as an organization devoted to curing cancer, partnering up with a purveyor of carcinogenic fats is not a successful way to accomplish your stated goal), but lately they’ve jumped the shark and joined the circus clown parade.

They have pulled all their funding from Planned Parenthood.

In doing so, they’ve demonstrated that their image among loud-mouthed, brainless and religiously-overeager conservabots is more important to them than the health of women.

This is really just pathetic.  A bunch of moronic ass-hats have flagellated themselves into a stupid, frothy rage over women being able to choose for themselves what happens to their bodies.  They then chose to have made it their mission in life to bring misery, disease, and death to the female sex for no better reason than because these women have self-determination.  And where they have control over the resources of organizations that could effect positive change in the well-being of large numbers of people, they expressly choose against that course.

Are you a pro-lifer?  An anti-choicer?  Do us all a favor – go sit in your bedroom and repeat to yourself: “My attitude on the topic of birth control is medieval and has no place in the modern world” until you fall asleep.  Then do it again. And keep doing it until you’ve excised this stupid attitude of interposing your own fuckhead belief system onto other people.

This should be EXTRA-shameful to pro-lifers, because Planned Parenthood devotes only a tiny fraction of their budget to abortion – 97% or more of their funds goes to women’s health services.  Not that pro-lifers ever really gave a shit about women’s health; we all knew they were hypocrites of the highest order already, didn’t we?  The money that they get is largely used to go into screenings for cancer, STD prevention, education, and a variety of other services, and generally go to women who aren’t insured and can’t afford trips to the OB-GYN on a regular basis.  Those women will no longer have access to the same level of care.

In other words, this decision will result in women’s deaths by breast cancer.  And other problems.  Hardly seems appropriate, does it?

Congrats, “pro-lifers” – your agenda is becoming clearer with every act you take.  It’s too bad there’s no eye-for-an-eye treatment here…you’d change your tune pretty fast if your daughter’s head went on the chopping block for your choices.  But it isn’t, is it?  It’s someone else’s problem, someone else’s sister / daughter / wife who will suffer for your action.

That’s the real shame of it.


Komen has released a statement retracting their funding decision.   Too little, too late.  This  move and the explanation behind it are about as sincere as the anti-choicer’s caring about women.  Sorry, Komen, some decisions reveal a little too much about your character, and you’re just not that good a group any longer.  Buh-bye.

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