A few quick impressions…

…on the 10.2 version of Delphi:

First, the installer.  Because I saw it a lot.  And I mean, A LOT.  Why?  Because this installer refused to install to my laptop – even after it got wiped and a clean Windows 10 install, the installer simply didn’t know what to do with itself.  And, unlike in my era, the error messages provided during install are…cryptic.

Gee, yeah. Yah think?







So now I’m scratching my head and wondering what’s wrong with my vanilla laptop.

My desktop machine runs the installer without a hiccup.  The first time.  Then, I uninstalled RAD Studio, thinking maybe it was locked to one PC at a time.  Tried on the laptop.  No joy.  Went back to the desktop to re-install, and guess what I got?

Yep, you win a cookie.







You know what the next screen is that I called up on my laptop?

Take a wild guess.








I think it’s worth pointing out that this sort of problem will happen to trial users.  People who are considering buying the software will have this happen.  

And they’ll do just what I did.


After a lot of screwing around with the web installer, I gave up and downloaded the ISO file – all 6.4GB of it.  I recommend you do the same.  Windows 10 mounts ISO images natively as if they were a standard ejectable drive (and it is with some regret that I guess I am therefore not going to need to install Virtual CloneDrive on any more new PCs), and can run the install directly from there.

So, my laptop has all it needs now.  I’m going to start doing some posts on using Delphi again as I get back into it, and I think I’m going to approach these from a perspective that I just don’t see around any more:  as if I was a beginner or a programmer new to Delphi completely.  Learning the IDE and frameworks are the biggest hurdle in any programming language / toolset, and often can prove to be a speed bump that just keeps people out.  So I’m going to try to pull that tiger’s teeth for you and we’ll start doing some of the basics just to see how easy things are with 10.2.

See you on that topic very soon!

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