The Storm Continues

About a year ago, I wrote “The Perfect (Digital) Storm“.

In it, I stressed “Authoritarian Behavior” as a key element to a dystopian hellish future.

Some few months earlier, I wrote “The Worst Enemy We Have Ever Faced As a Nation“.

In that, I pointed out that the Republican party had become a nation-eating cancer.

To quote Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum’s character in “Jurassic Park”): “Boy, do I hate being right all the time.”

Since writing those pieces, we’ve found out that Trump not only incompetently handled the Covid-19 crisis, he intentionally mishandled it, leading to the 2nd-Degree Murder of over 500,000 Americans alone. We’ve seen him – and the entire Republican party behind him – use police to attack crowds of peaceful protesters. We’ve seen the Republicans attempt an overthrow of a fair and lawful election on Jan 6, 2021, which was also an attempted assassination of the 1st and 2nd in line of succession. We’ve been watching a slow-motion coup as Republican state legislatures enact laws that dismiss the results of elections they don’t favor.

It’s time for people to step up and act.

I fully support not only an investigation of the Jan 6 insurrection, but expulsion of all Republican members of Congress or the Senate who voted against such an investigation. And so should any and all persons regardless of political party, if they hold even the slightest loyalty to the USA.

Because attempted insurrection must be punished.

ON TOP of that investigation, I think it behooves everyone to recognize something *extremely* important here: the Republican party has begun its metastasis into a violent terrorist group.

As an organization it must be treated as a domestic terror organization, and its donors and supporters put on notice that any further support will be considered support of terrorism.

I warn anyone within sight or earshot – if you fail to treat them as what they show you they are, you encourage their action. They have already led an attempted multiple assassination and coup attempt.

They do not understand “reason” or “compromise”. They only understand violence.

Hence it must be visited upon them with such severity that no individual member will be willing to broadcast or act upon his/her support of their “cause”. Their leadership must be tried and have justice visited upon them in the harshest form, and we should not be afraid to sit more than a few of them in the chair upon conviction.

The *only* reason we are seeing this happen today is because we were too timid and allowed prior Republican administrations off the hook for their crimes. So emboldened, Republicans no longer take “justice” seriously. Why should they?

And if we do not harsh down on them now and demonstrate that their brand of crazy carries unbearable consequences, they will do this again. And eventually they will succeed.

And when they do, the US will be run by a pack of violent half-wits who will believe any crazy conspiracy theory they are fed – which will include and result in the execution of gays, Jews, liberals, or anyone else who opposes them.

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